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Global Digital Marketing Programs is new company registered in Serbia, specialized for development and delivering of new age digital marketing systems, applications & services, through completely new approach. The partners behind GDMP have a proven track record in  tech. and biz development & delivering of complex mission critical solutions. Our development expertise reaches across both the financial services and various e&m-commerce sectors where we’ve previously developed and deployed highly successful solutions (m:parking, m:ticketing, DMS, ERP…)

A proven commercial background combined with strong know-how base has allowed us the luxury to create a high quality generic digital marketing solution that’s unmatched in its range of capabilities.

Specialization in DMS, mobile market, parking & ticketing

Strong networking on the regional Retail & PU market



From the outset GDMP is designed to provide complex high volume enterprise verticals / multi channel / multi sector / multi service / multi country loyalty programs.

For issuers there’s now a solution that delivers locally negotiated contracts supplemented with GLOBAL CARD contract  / partner sourced contracts which provides a high degree of autonomy but also leverages off scale/buying power of GLOBAL  partner agreements.

GDMP will build the necessary B2B contractual structure and clearing system , width of product support/processes to enable enterprises and issuers to significantly widen their loyalty programs appeal and relevance.


Advanced Loyalty Capabilities for Retail Programs

  • GDMP delivers a range of new loyalty and commerce capabilities to retail loyalty programs
  • The challenge for individual (non coalition) programs is to differentiate, provide more personalized / targeted benefits and be flexible to changing customer preferences. Offering a true multi-channel consistent transaction capability is crucial.

Current earn / cash back solutions do not always provide the differentiation, flexibility or choice to consumers. GDMP has the necessary multi-channel solutions & innovative services  for both : loyalty program and/or core product promotions.


e-Commerce and  m-Commerce Loyalty Components

  • GDMP  incorporates advanced e-commerce and m-commerce capabilities that exceed many leading sector specific e-commerce solutions. Its support for practically any product type, product add-on, rate structure and shopping cart processes makes it a serious contender as a stand-alone e+m:commerce solution for many sectors.
  • Whilst we deliver an integrated end to end loyalty and e-commerce platform we provide choices to maintain existing investments. Client may  core earn/card platform and simply integrate our loyalty or m:loyalty promotion / redemption capabilities.
  • For commerce our multi-channel mobile ( tablet ) and social media capabilities provided through  GLOOK mobile app  can be delivered as an add-on to an existing e-commerce platform. Clients may rapidly move into new channels whilst maintaining existing investments with minimal impact.


GDMP offers capabilities for large / high volume sector vertical programs such as those operated by retailers, petrol companies, parking operators, utility companies etc.

  • Replication of group network and assign the appropriate level of autonomy to subsidiaries to manage their local programs/promotions and fulfillment supplier relationships and supplement with group level agreements where appropriate.
  • Top down view of the entire network and enable cross border membership redemption options.
  • Ability to configure and process products such as those in the retail sector enable a wide range of collaborative promotions to be undertaken in conjunction with complimentary partners within each sector.
  • Large scale programs need to have flexibility to access group level agreements but also deliver local / more targeted product offerings under local agreements.

Partners behind GDMP have a proven track record in technology and business development & delivering complex mission critical solutions.



Basic loyalty services – VC, Cash-back, Point collection, Classic & Advanced loyalty schemes – GLOBAL  Card . Couponing services – basic couponing, advanced couponing-groupon, innovative Utility Services


All basic and advanced loyalty services on mobile – VC, Cash-back, Point collection, Classic & Advanced loyalty schemes – GLOOK Mobile App. Couponing services  – Basic couponing, Advanced couponing-Groupon . Innovative utility services for mobile users.


M-Wallet, M-TOPUP, M-Cash Transfer, M-Pay Bill, M-ORDER


Basic sms services – Info sms, Status sms, Bulk sms. Advanced sms services – Sms parking, Sms ticket, Sms reward games


Comprehensive database manegement system: database collection, Database selling, Cross marketing services, Database analisys…


Custom Made SW Development (mobile apps ), Maintenance services, Platform Hosting Services, Customer Support Services

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